The 5 new Edguy Songs

Date:2017-07-15 13:20:38
Some of their best tunes in a long while. I did like Space Police but I don't recall it being as good as these five tunes.

Opening song Ravenblack starts things off nice with a rocking pace and a cool soaring, chorus. Love the romping riffs and pace as I said. Tobi is sounding inspired these days and is showing some of his Avantasia style rub off on his main band.

Wrestle The Devil is pretty similar. Thick, stomping riffs pound away and Tobi sounds pretty great over the top. The chorus is not as good as Ravenblack but is pretty cool anyway. The song sounds pretty humorous and has that Edguy slightly goofy thing but I enjoy that anyway. Catchy, happy go lucky tune.

Open Sesame is just a fantastic tune. Catchy and more fast paced riffing and Tobi's typically quirky delivery and then a superbly catchy chorus thunders into view. It's repetitive but in a good way. Love this energy!

Then we have the old school Edguy track Landmarks up next. This one could've come from Theater of Salvation or even Vain Glory Opera. It has that majestic power metal feel of old with that "wind in the hair" type chorus that Tobi used to peddle in the old days. The chorus is very Helloweeny indeed! Great for power metal nostalgia seekers everywhere!

The Mountaineer is the final new track and again it takes off from where Landmarks left off with a fast melodic start and then a pacy riff takes us to the bridge before the chorus reminds me of Stratovarius "Hunting High and Low" in style this time. Really damn enjoyable! If you want melody at the fore in your metal music then you need to check these 5 songs out.

These five tunes really bode well for a future Edguy release though I'm not sure if Tobi is working on Edguy or Avantasia at the moment. Either way these 5 songs are a great addition to the Edguy catalogue. Check it out you won't be disappointed!

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