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Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-02-10 22:25:43
In Reply To:Top 35 of 2016 by Guillaume
#5 PRIMAL FEAR – Rulebreaker
Like PM, Primal Fear continues to deliver great melodic heavy/power metal, and are no more a Priest copycat.

"Bullets & Tears" is practically a remake of "Breaking the Law." So "a Priest copycat" they still are.
#6 JORN – Heavy Rock Radio
Jorn does a great job on beefing up some of these classic rock songs.
Yeah, good stuff.
#8 MYRATH- Legacy
Lighter than the previous ones, but damn catchy melodic prog metal.
What I've heard left me cold.
#15 GRAND MAGUS – Sword Songs (True metal at its best)
Their weakest album in years. Still decent (as I am a big fan of them), but the well is finally showing signs of dryness.
#17 DYNAZTY – Titanic Mass (2 excellent albums in a row, well, let's say 3)
I own the previous, but not this one. I think one Dynazty album is all I need at the moment.
#19 EVERGREY – The Storm Within (With this album and the previous one, they're really back)
Might pick it up later.

#28 VOLBEAT – Seal The Deal and Let’s Boogie (A bit too light overall, but quality stuff nonetheless)
Yeah, pretty much my sentiments.

#30 Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER – Walking in the Shadows (Good comeback for Grimmett who still delivers classic metal)
Hmm... don't know if I'm ready for this yet.

#32 SABATON – The Last Stand (Similar to the latest few, but still very effective)
Not too effective. Has several nice tracks (my favorite being the last one), but overall a step down from the glorious Heroes.
#34 ANTHRAX – For All Kings (Excellent melodic thrash)
Should check it out. The last one had four great songs and a bunch of boring ones.

METALLICA – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Not nearly as good as DM, but still good.

That's all.

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