Top 35 of 2016

Date:2017-02-07 15:24:58
Edited:2017-02-07 16:00:49
I'm an easy bitch to please as it seems, so I can't just make a top 10, it's impossible for me.
So, here's my top 35 for 2016 (the ranking order is good for today, but could change tomorrow, except for #1 and #2, as I enjoyed most of these 35 quite equally I'd say)

#1 INNERWISH – InnerWish
Most played album of the year. Just killer melodic heavy/power with killer vocals, loaded with melodies, by the veteran Greek band.

#2 TREAT – Ghost of Graceland
Great AOR/ hard rocking stuff, their best ever for me.

#3 PRETTY MAIDS – Kingmaker
This band always delivers. This album is no exception.

#4 SUNSTORM – Edge of Tomorrow
Joe Lynn Turner’s vocals are as strong as ever on this quite heavy (for JLT standards) hard rocking album full of catchy songs.

#5 PRIMAL FEAR – Rulebreaker
Like PM, Primal Fear continues to deliver great melodic heavy/power metal, and are no more a Priest copycat.

#6 JORN – Heavy Rock Radio
Jorn does a great job on beefing up some of these classic rock songs.

Future vocal star Ronnie Romero and his band give us an excellent 2nd album of melodic heavy/power metal.

#8 MYRATH- Legacy
Lighter than the previous ones, but damn catchy melodic prog metal.

#9 TYGERS OF PAN TANG- Tygers of Pan Tang
What a comeback from the veteran band! True to their 80s roots, but "actual" at the same time. Great hard rock and their best album since 35 years for me.

The vocal legend is still going strong at 68 and he has a great band that surrounds him for this hard rocking album. The bonus disc with re-recorded classics is mostly excellent too.

#11 NORDIC UNION – Nordic Union (A team with Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Erik Martensson (Eclipse) can't do wrong)
#12 THUNDERSTONE- Apocalypse Again (Great singer Pasi Rantanen is back home on this excellent album)
#13 AVANTASIA – Ghostlights (Sammet delivers again)
#14 ALTER BRIDGE – The Last Hero (the best mainstream hard rock/metal band for me along with Volbeat)
#15 GRAND MAGUS – Sword Songs (True metal at its best)
#16 MERCURY FALLING – Introspection (So underrated melodic prog/power)
#17 DYNAZTY – Titanic Mass (2 excellents albums in a row, well, let's say 3)
#18 JADED HEART – Guilty by Design (Not as good as previous 3 or 4, but still excellent stuff)
#19 EVERGREY – The Storm Within (With this album and the previous one, they're really back)
#20 CIVIL WAR – Last Full Measures (Could be their best album, better than Sabaton's disc)
#21 DGM – The Passage (Melodic prog metal with great vox and loaded with melodies)
#22 HUMAN FORTRESS – Thieves of the Night (Underrated melodic power stuff)
#23 SHAKRA – High Noon (Good ald same old, but damn effective hard rock, with the return of Mark Fox on vox)
#24 KING COMPANY – One For The Road (Pasi Rantanen's hard rocking band)
#25 DANGER ANGEL – All The King’s Horses (A revelation, excellent melodic metal)
#26 MOB RULES – Tales From Beyond (Might be my fave from them)
#27 FATES WARNING – Theories of Flight (I'd have never thought a FW would make my top 30. Best pure prog metal album of the year for me)
#28 VOLBEAT – Seal The Deal and Let’s Boogie (A bit too light overall, but quality stuff nonetheless)
#29 SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – Sunrise to Sundown (Excellent classic 70s style hard rocking stuff)
#30 Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER – Walking in the Shadows (Good comeback for Grimmett who still delivers classic metal)
#31 RESURRECTION KINGS – Resurrection Kings (The best of the 2 ex-Dio bands for me)
#32 SABATON – The Last Stand (Similar to the latest few, but still very effective)
#33 DIAMOND HEAD – Diamond Head (Their best since the classic debut album for me)
#34 ANTHRAX – For All Kings (Excellent melodic thrash)
#35 STRIKER – Stand in the Fire (More excellent melodic thrashy stuff)

Very honorable mentions :

A PERFECT DAY – The Deafening Silence
DEMON – Cemetery Junction
EDEN’S CURSE – Cardinal
ENBOUND – This Blackened Heart
ETERNAL (of Sweden) – Heaven’s Gate
EXISTANCE - Breaking The Rock
HERMAN FRANK – The Devil Rides Out
INGLORIOUS – Inglorious
IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft
KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Generation Goodbye
LAST IN LINE – Heavy Crown
MARAUDER - Bullethead
METALLICA – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
PHANTOM 5 – Phantom 5
SELLSWORD – And Now We Ride
SERIOUS BLACK – Mirrorworld
SOTO- Divak
SUNBURST – Fragments of Creation
THE DEAD DAISIES - Make Some Noise
THE NEW BLACK – A Monster’s Life
THE TREATMENT – Generation Me
THEOCRACY – Ghost Ship
VOLYMIAN - Maze of Madness
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