Re: New Bloodbound Video

Date:2017-02-04 11:54:38
In Reply To:Re: New Bloodbound Video by Pirage
Well your opinion ain't exactly a surprise. I expected you not to like it and you proved me right. I don't know exactly what you're expecting from them these days but they do what they do and do it too a high enough level to have many fans in the European power metal scene. You've heard the whole thing already?
I expected me not to like it too!

I guess what I'm expecting is for them to find whatever it was melodically that they were writing in the early days. I know Urban only wrote a couple of melodies on the first album, and none of the second one, and those are both far better (to my ears) than anything they've done since. That, and they don't seem to know who they are, always jumping from one sound to another.

Yes, I've heard it. I got my promo yesterday, and listened through it right away, since I was interested.

Oh well, I'll just wait for Eclipse's new one.
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