Re: New Bloodbound Video

Date:2017-02-04 10:24:46
In Reply To:Re: New Bloodbound Video by Nosferatwo
I wasn't expecting much from Bloodbound, since I haven't really liked anything since Urban left, and I was right. I'm sure you will love it, but I was not at all thrilled by the ultra-prominence of the keyboard throughout the whole of the album, and the insistence on using those huge chanting choruses. It never felt as melodic or hooky as Bloodbound used to be.

I always wonder what goes through their heads, whether they pick a different band for each album and try their best to sound like them.
Well your opinion ain't exactly a surprise. I expected you not to like it and you proved me right. I don't know exactly what you're expecting from them these days but they do what they do and do it too a high enough level to have many fans in the European power metal scene. You've heard the whole thing already?

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