New Bloodbound Video

Date:2017-02-04 06:10:04
Sabaton called and wants all their riffs, choruses, ideas and keys back! HAHAHA!

This is basically a Sabaton track with more classically, melodic vocals compared to Joakim's gruff voice. That chorus is Godly though and very heroic. Lok forward to a few more bombastic tunes as well which I'm sure the album will have. See I don't think Urban would sound as good as this guy singing choruses like this compared to the choruses you hear on Serious Black. Of course he "can" do it blindfold but in my opinion this guy sounds better doing this sort of epic choir shit and Urban sounds amazing doing non epic sounding choruses. Win win situation. Of course if you can't take the cheese in Bloodbound then that's another matter altogether! :-)

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