Re: Updates on the Undecided...

Date:2017-02-02 15:16:45
In Reply To:January Round Up by Pirage
Space Unicorn On Fire - Gallop Through The Stars - Very cool
happy power metal music - vocals possible deal breaker.
Won't make the cut.

Starset - Vessels - Quite good modern rock but disappointing compared to debut.
Still not certain but getting better.

Sepultura - Machine Messiah - Best Seps ever with DG. But still no great shakes. If I play again I might like it more.
I still can't fully dismiss but I think I might be trying too hard.

Borealis - World of Silence MMXVII - good listen. Nice melodic power, great mid range vocals. Songs not totally grabbing me yet.
I really wanna like it but it's just a good release and I've decided to leave it.

Hour of Penance - Cast The First Stone - Brual tech death from Italy. Not totally grabbed yet but heard\some cool riffs. Possibly too dense and not catchy enough for me.
Still need to play.

Karma Fire - The Shadow
New band playing hard edged melodic metal. Great production and a
real solid singer too but need more plays to get a handle on the tunes which seem to be hit and miss.
Won't make it. Ratio of hit and miss is not quite acceptable. Still an ok release but I'm trying to be a bit meaner.

Xandria - Theater of Dimensions. Love her vox totally. Songs a bit progressive so not grabbing me yet but some good melodies nevertheless.
I like some parts but I'm heading towards it not making the cut.

The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the Aftermath
Very pleasant and finely produced melodic rock/metal. But how many times will I play this I say to myself.
Won't make it I think but it's OK.

Syron Vanes - Chaos From A Distance
Probably will make it as it sounded good but not amazing. Production is superb though with tons of cool banging riffs. Nice vocals too.
This makes it. Decided I like the riffs and vocals too much.

Pride of Lions - Fearless
Some great tunes especially when Toby sings alone but the album as a whole is possibly a bit borderline namby pamby. It's right on the edge but a few more plays will decide. If you like Survivor styled AOR you should like it though. Very close verdict but the jury's still out.
Well I think it has to make it. The songs start to get really good and enjoyable.

Terrifier - Weapons of thrash Destruction
The production is a bit too tinny and is painful to listen to with headphones. Riffs are very cool though. Galloping, evil and raw thrash is what's on offer. Songs are helter skelter affairs so no subtlety. I should like this but couple of things mentioned are holding me back at the mo.
Can't get past that high end sound otherwise this could be making it with ease. Heading towards getting canned.

Jim Jidhed - Push On through
Jim is a really cool, lite, Scandi AOR singer. This album has some great moments I can't deny. The rather too many sappy ballads don't do a lot for me and lack the edge I'm looking for though. The pure Scandi AOR parts are hard to knock. Further plays will reveal how much I like the songs.
Still need to play but chances are it will get canned.

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