Re: January Round Up

Date:2017-01-30 16:23:17
In Reply To:January Round Up by Pirage
As Lions - Selfish Age
Featuring Bruce's son, ex metalcore boy grows up in new band. Very nice epic melodies throughout and no stupid screaming. Some huge rock anthems here.
It's a lot better than I was ever expecting it to be. Cutting out the screaming was a great decision. This is actually pretty darn good.

Firewind - Immortals
Welcome back Gus and Co. Basse fits like a glove and Gussy sounds energised with a bunch of cool new tunes.
I didn't like it. Gus isn't nearly as special as people say he is, and Firewind continues to get more and more bland. It's not bad, but it's so generic I'm bored to death by it.
Kreator - Gods of Violence
Hell yeah! Album of the month! Kreator brings it home in great style and sound mega inspired. They sound much more melodic than usual but still give you thrash mayhem at it's best!
I'm not a thrash guy, but I like it. Way better than Metallica's album.
Solarus - Reunion - Good music but don't like the female vox. Sounds weak.
I enjoyed it. The duets with the singer from Borealis were a much better beauty/beast thing than other bands do with awful growls.
Stephen Pearcy - Smash - Ratt guy. Two songs sound Ok but don't wanna hear all.
I couldn't stand it. The songs weren't good, and his voice was even worse.

Albums for February that I'm looking forward to:
Bloodbound - War of Dragons
I'll probably give it a shot, but I'm not expecting much. I haven't liked anything without Urban.
Place Vendome - Close To The Sun
I listened to the singles just so I could say I gave it a chance. As bad as Kiske sounded, no way in hell am I listening to the whole record.
Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire
I've gone through it twice. It's exactly what you would expect, so it's solid, but it's incredibly familiar. For that reason, I find it to be weaker than the first two.
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