Part II

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-01-29 10:40:49
In Reply To:Re: Best song of 2016 ... by Pirage
07. Dynazty - I Want To Live Forever
Decent, but not earth-shattering. I expected more.
06. Artillery - Penalty By Perception
Solid thrash. "In Defiance of Conformity" from that album is better IMHO.
05. Veonity - When Humanity Is Gone
Cute Gamma Ray-ish power.
04. Primal Fear - Bullets & Tears
Can a song sound any more like "Breaking the Law"? Although Alisa "Chuyu Gibel" ("Sensing Death") is even closer. Anyway, a nice song!
03. Titanium - Torn Reality
Couldn't find it.

np: Grand Magus "Triumph & Power"

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