Re: Best song of 2016 - review, Part I

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-01-26 23:33:52
Edited:2017-01-27 00:06:57
In Reply To:Re: Best song of 2016 ... by Pirage
10. Iron Savior - The Sun Won't Rise In Hell
Not a bad song, but a far cry from their glory days. If anything, "Beyond the Horizon" and "Way of the Blade" (awful video) are slightly more enjoyable. The last IS album I've heard was Megatropolis, and I don't feel like I'm missing much.

09. Grand Magus - Varangian
A great song, and a highlight on that album (which was a bit of a stepdown from their previous three masterpieces, but still excellent). Yes I've become quite a GM fan (not the car company) last year.

08. Sunburst - Dementia
Not bad, kinda Conceptiony, but I know I will not remember it ten seconds after it's done.

02. Evergrey - Passing Through
A good all-around song. I like my Evergrey darker than this (the last album I've heard from the was MMA), but it's good work.

01. Myrath - Believer
Holy cheese, Buttman! A fun video, made me think of "Prince of Persia." But the song is near darn unbearable. This is what happened if Middle Eastern pop stars start toying with metal. :Q


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