Re: Sabaton Live!

Author:The Tall Dwarf
Date:2017-01-26 16:49:23
In Reply To:Re: Sabaton Live! by Pirage
I love Sabaton and many other metalheads in Sweden do that too but I think it's about 50/50 who love or hate them. Then we have the other crowd that normally don't like metal but for some reason love Sabaton. That fact is one big reason for many "true" metalheads to hate them. Sabaton sell out their shows in Sweden everytime they play at the moment so they are the biggest metalband here now. The first time I saw them was when the played one of the early slots in the middle of the day at Sweden Rock Festival 2005 in front of a pretty small crowd. 2016 the closed the entire festival and drew a crowd of 30000... It's the same with Hammerfall and In Flames too and let's not start with Volbeat. They are the most hated metalband among metalheads you possibly can find.

Metal Hammer used to be a great magazine. Both Metal Hammer and Kerrang was pretty easy to find here in Sweden in the late 80's and early 90's so I bought very number of them during that period. It's a pity how crappy they are nowadays.
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