Re: What a horrible setlist!

Date:2017-01-26 07:58:23
In Reply To:What a horrible setlist! by Thy Sentinel
"Blood of Bannockburn" is probably the worst / stupidest Sabaton song ever.
It's a good song, and I thought it went over well when I saw them last year.
I get that the setlist should be TLS-heavy, but man... No "Counterstrike"?
I'd love to hear "Counterstrike" too, but they hardly ever play it... why would you expect them to? They played it one time when they did a show in Tel Aviv, but rarely otherwise.
No "40:1"? Shame.
It's a great song, but I'm 100% fine with this. They've probably played it every time I've seen them, which is probably 7 or 8 times at this point. I wouldn't mind if they replaced "Ghost Division" with something less frequently played as well, but it seems they've pretty firmly established that as the song with which they like to open.
I'm impressed they are playing "The Final Solution."
I hope they retain this for the upcoming north american leg of the tour.
AAMOF I don't remember them ever playing anything off of Coat of Arms, and it's a great album.
You're either remembering incorrectly, or you haven't seen them live much. That album has faded significantly from their live set in the past year or two, but "Coat Of Arms", "Uprising", "Screaming Eagles", "Saboteurs", and "White Death" all made frequent appearances in their setlists in the years since the album was released.

Intro..In the Army Now
The March To War
Ghost Division
Blood of Bannockburn
Swedish Pagans
Carolus Rex
The Last Stand
Far From The Fame
Winged Hussars
The Final Solution (acoustic)
Resist and Bite
Night Witches
The Lion from The North
The Lost Battalion
Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)

Primo Victoria
To Hell and Back

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