Re: What a horrible setlist!

Date:2017-01-25 10:57:46
In Reply To:What a horrible setlist! by Thy Sentinel

"Blood of Bannockburn" is probably the worst / stupidest Sabaton song ever.
Love it! Probably will go down better still when they play Glasgow mind.

I get that the setlist
should be TLS-heavy, but man... No "Counterstrike"? No "40:1"? Shame.
They have very rarely played Counterstrike in the UK. 40:1 was a regular and a great song no doubt but the set list has moved on to reflect the current album. Some faves will have to be dropped. Get over it.

I'm impressed they are playing "The Final Solution." AAMOF I don't remember them ever playing anything off of Coat of Arms, and it's a great album.
They did many songs from CoA before . Midway, Uprising, Screaming Eagles and my fave White Death.

Intro..In the Army Now
The March To War
Ghost Division
Blood of Bannockburn
Swedish Pagans
Carolus Rex
The Last Stand
Far From The Fame
Winged Hussars
The Final Solution (acoustic)
Resist and Bite
Night Witches
The Lion from The North
The Lost Battalion
Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)

Primo Victoria
To Hell and Back

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