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Date:2017-01-24 05:27:46
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Kia ora!

Hello new guy! :) j/k
Firewind - Immortals
need to listen to full album, singles on youtube were pretty average. Did manage to catch Gus G live recently, once with Rob Rock no less. Definitely an elite level shredder. I like a lot of tracks from his more groove and less metallish solo albums.
Yeah, I liked some of that stuff. Witnessed Arch Enemy ( I think I fell in love with the singer a bit, what a presence!) last year and Symphony X overseas. Was great to witness live shredding. We do have local guys Heavy Metal Ninjas, who shred over a djent type sound. Probably mentioned them years ago.
Ghost Ship Octavius - s/t
This is really good. didnt realize till I saw them live that singer picks up a lot of the guitar solos too. Impressive. I feel like some of the songs drag a bit too much, but definitely a band to watch.
I need a few more listens but quite a Control Denied vibe on initial impressions, really like the singer. Which reminds me I should get up to date on Pharaoh.

NP:Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny of Souls (If he continued this sound I'm all good but would really love him to explore the dark Peter Gabriel style as per B-sides of Balls to Picasso)
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