Re: Sabaton Live!

Date:2017-01-23 08:48:47
In Reply To:Re: Sabaton Live! by The Tall Dwarf
So Sabaton is a band that unites the metal community in the UK?
Well that's my impression looking round at the crowd. Don't get me wrong though. They have their detractors here too. Some people who inherently hate power metal and consider it metal for kids hate Sabaton as much as those in Sweden but they are pretty small in number. The reason I say they unite the community is that they are held in such high esteem by Metal Hammer mag here in the UK. They are pretty much darlings of MH. They always champion them and run articles on them. MH, I consider a trendy mag that loves nu-bands and should in all honesty look down on Sabaton you would suspect but it's the complete opposite. They love them in fact.

Sabaton started out playing to diehards crowds of 200 in small pubs but now they are headlining a 4000 venue. People are buying into the fun factor and the sheer joy with which the band plays. No moods, no sombre angst, just heavy metal with a smile. If you don't like that then see ya!

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