Re: Sabaton Live!

Author:The Tall Dwarf
Date:2017-01-23 03:24:18
In Reply To:Sabaton Live! by Pirage
So Sabaton is a band that unites the metal community in the UK?

Here in Sweden it's the total opposite to that. You either love them or you hate them. Tons of metalheads just simply hates them and think they are totally useless and claim that they are a metalband for stupid people wo normally don't listen to metal. They do sell lots of records to nonemetalheads though.... The same thing goes for Hammerfall who also meets lots of hate here in their home country.

Why it is like this is hard to explain but it has always been a little forbidden to be successful in Sweden. There's always lots of envy and bad talk about people who really have success. I live in a strange country...

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