Re: Recommended Albums for 2016

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2017-01-23 04:17:33
In Reply To:Recommended Albums for 2016 by Pirage
Finally getting to this to comment :)
Overland - Contagious
wow, this is really good. had to check out his other stuff too. Sounds a bit like Glenn Hughes sometimes.
Sellsword - An Now We Ride
Wow, it's like if Damien Wilson decided to do epic power metal. You're right, the songs are not quite there yet, but definitely a standout band, mainly due to singing.
Thunder and Lighting - The Ages Will Turn
pretty good!
ABO - Bucket List
Damn good!!
Agonizer - Visions of the Blind
pretty cool, I remember checking this out before.
Dyscordia - Words in Ruin.

Votum - Ktonik
you got it, it's really moody enchanting. cool stuff.

Theander Expression - Wonderful Anticipation
Last year's Care of Night blew me away with a wonderful AOR record
Agreed again, solid but not as good as Care of Night.
Tremonti - Dust
I have to say, the well might be running dry for Tremonti. Solid but I haven't been truly impressed by his songs since a few Alter Bridge albums ago.

Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio
I liked it! especially the Kate Bush cover!
Monument - Hair of the Dog
cool. I am not totally convinced by the singer though. not top echelon vox.
Poem - Skein Syndrome
pretty nice. Greece really moving on up lately .
Early Grey - Secrets of the Heart
not bad. I remembered I looked up singer last time you posted them. he is actually some French dude who moved to Moscow and is some kind of minor celebrity there now , doing TV vocal talent type shows that seem to be popular there, the way they are everywhere I guess.
off of
Charred Walls of the Damned - Creatures Watching Over
Wow, that is some intense stuff you're right.
Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire
interesting. cool enough songs, but I don't like the intentionally low-fi production, like High Spirits, etc. after you mentioned them, turned out they were playing a rare one off gig nearby. Place was packed with crazed metalheads that came from far and wide. They didnt quite deserve it IMHO, but it was cool enough. even live the singer used some effect on vocals I think :/

Narnia - st
.Stryper actually has nothing
on these guys. Nothing cryptic or subtle about their worship though!
LOL, true.
Poets of the Fall - Clearview
I wish they would get a bit heavier, but there's always a cool track or two on their albums .
Sinnergod - st
very cool find. they have more stuff posted on youtube and bandcamp I think.

Wardrum - Awakening
very nice!
Graham Bonnet Band - The Book
can't tolerate his voice much anymore I am afraid. Still like his last Impelliteri album though :)
Hemina - Venus
Amazing find!! they take the best of the prog scene , the rhythmic djenty guitars, layered vocals, jazzy guitar/keys. I went back and previous album is pretty good too. The best of the Aussie prog bunch IMHO.
LeBrock - Action & Romance EP
vocals not good enough IMHO :/

Almanac - Tsar.
this was pretty cool. haven't gone back to listen to it much though.
White Widdow - Silhouette
whoa, another great find, Pirage. went back to check out all their albums. very classy stuff. native English singers definitely have a leg up in this genre on the Continentals. This guy is very smooth and the guitarist is pretty slick too. lots of super catchy tunes. Weird band name :)

50. Wild Rose - 4
so, apparently the singer is the same as on their first album, then he went to sing opera professionally in Germany. Well, another knockout gem from you , Pirage. great songs, very slick AOR.

48. Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
yeah, like I said, the chorus well has run dry it seems.

44. Spellcaster - Night Hides the World
Really good. that single video is so good though, the rest is a bit disappointing.
33. Enbound - The Blackened Heart
pretty great

23. The Defiants - st
Love and Bullets might have one of the catchiest choruses ever recorded. the rest is not that great though IMO.
19. Evergrey - The Storm WIthin
pretty good. the Black Sabbath cover is quite insane!
14. Theocracy - Ghost Ship
I finally checked this band out and glad I did. one of the best singers in the business and the choruses are often super catchy.

05. Volbeat - Seal The Deal and Let's Boogie
not bad at all. I checked them out live again, and wow, what a well oiled machine they have become! huge live draw too! Are they the most popular Euro band to make it big in the States right now?? sure seems like it.
03. Myrath - Legacy
I liked them more live than on record, and I am afraid this doesn't change that :/
01. Serious Black - Mirrorworld
pretty good! finally a good outlet for Urban Breed.
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