Re: Firewind - Immortals

Date:2017-01-21 07:40:33
In Reply To:Firewind - Immortals by Nosferatwo
Is this the biggest release of January?

Having just given it a spin, I would call it one of the biggest disappointments of the year, if I had been expecting anything out of it. It's not just that Apollo was a better and more distinctive vocalist. The entire album doesn't even feel like Firewind anymore. Between the sound, and the whole thing being about historical wars and battles, it comes across as a rip-off of Sabaton and Civil War.

Gus is a great guitar player, but his writing is very generic. Couple that with Dennis Ward co-writing everything with him (Dennis is good, but he's had a hand in so much that he's stale), and you get an album that is incredibly bland all the way around.
Your comments are very harsh indeed. I don't know even if you were listening to the right disk haha! This is a great effort by Gus and Co. Sure I like Apollo more than Basse too but he's not in the band and Basse does an amazing job on his debut effort. I'd rather him than someone else. He sounds right at home in Firewind, like he's always been there.

The song writing is also a bit more melodic than Few Against Many was which is better in my book. It's not as good as classic Firewind from say The Premonition era but I'll take this new era thank you very much. I really don't get your complaints sometimes. We agree on many things but other times I can't fathom your taste out at all. Maybe try this again with a different mindset that Apollo is gone and give it another chance. It's great power metal. I look forward to their show in a few weeks time. It's been a few years.

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