Re: Forthcoming Albums in 2017

Date:2016-12-29 14:54:46
In Reply To:Forthcoming Albums in 2017 by Pirage
Mind you the start to 2016 was awesome and it looks like 2017 will be a much slower start.
Ain't that the truth.
Firewind – Immortals
I'm not sure I'm very interested in Firewind without Apollo. Even with him they were getting less interesting, so I don't know what to expect from this. I should probably play it, since I already have it waiting for me.
Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire
I didn't think the second album was nearly as good as the first, and Ricky's solo albums weren't much either, so I'm trying to hope they haven't run through their best material yet.
Bloodbound - War Of Dragons
For me, at least, they haven't made a good album without Urban. I'm sure I'll give this a chance, but Bloodbound is going to remain one of those big 'what ifs?'.

Other than what you mentioned, I don't know of much coming out at any point this year I'm interested in. I know stuff will come, but nothing has much hype behind it. This is the most depressing start to a year I can remember.
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