Re: NPJ has left Civil War

Date:2016-12-24 00:42:16
Edited:2016-12-24 00:42:37
In Reply To:NPJ has left Civil War by The Tall Dwarf
He posted himself on FB that he has left the band. The reason seem to be that they want to tour more and he can't do that due to his family situation. On the bright side there is a new Astral Doors album in the making and there will be another Lion's Share album.

Yep, I read that. His first post about the subject showed he was frustrated with the label (Napalm) that "fucked it all". But, maybe he got a few phone calls, cause the 1st message disappeared to be replaced by another with a praise of Napalm Records... :)

That being said, it'll be weird to have Civil War without his typical voice. At least, there is still Astral Doors and a new Lions Share would be killer too.
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