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Date:2020-04-04 10:15:07
In Reply To:OK, let me try. by Thy Sentinel
For the love of it, I don't understand, why Running Wild makes your lists but Maiden and Priest don't. But, OK, as you wish.
Well we can include them if you want it’s not set in stone. I was just going for a power metal rather than full traditional since this board is the power zone.

Honorable mention: Stratovarius "Visions", Iron Savior “Unification”, Marshall Law “Marshall Law”, Tarot "Suffer Our Pleasures"

20.Astral Doors "New Revelation." Same here. I pick this one. Just because.
Yeah astral doors is one of those that is not power metal as such. But if you want to include them I personally would pick Requiem of time I love that album.
19.Sabaton “Art of War”. Again, you can pick one of 2 or 3 Sabaton albums, and you can't go wrong.
18.Brainstorm "Metus Mortis." My album of the year in the very busy 2001.
Yes brainstorm is one of those with a lot of good albums at this time it’s hard to pick one Metus Mortus is very good like you said.
17.Iced Earth "Horror Show." IE has about four albums of equal quality, but this one felt a little more dear to the writer's (Jon's) heart.
I would go for something wicked this way comes personally.
16.Royal Hunt "The Mission." Based on Bradbury. Fabulous work.
Yes it’s good but it’s not my favourite Royal Hunt.
15.Sinner "Nature of Evil." Fabulous.
I just never got the appeal of sinner in this period. primal fear had already started so I was just way in to primal fear.
14.Kamelot "The Black Halo." The best of Khanelot and Khanception.
Yes definitely one of their best.
13.Falconer s/t. Exploded on the scene like a bomb. Safe to say, nobody has ever heard anybody sing like Blad before Blad.
We agree. It goes without saying that we never heard anything like Blad at this time.
12.Grand Magus “Iron Will”. A perfect blend of Manowar and Sabbath. This is what guitar should sound like.
11.Tad Morose “Matters Of The Dark”. The best NWOEPM album of the new millennium.
I do like matters of the dark a lot.
10.Rage “Black In Mind”. Power thrash perfection.
I’ve always preferred the much more melodic soundchaser.
9.Scanner “Hypertrace”. Insanely good. I wish it didn't go to shit right after.
I never got into scanner.
8.Nocturnal Rites "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination". A close call between this one and Talisman. This one wins by a hair.
I think me and you are the only people who prefer Zackrisson.
7.Riot “Thundersteel”. I feel like this has to belong. After all, it's practically Heavens Gate before Heavens Gate. Just relistened to it last week. Stellar.
6.Gamma Ray “Land of the Free”. The shining example of NWOEPM.
Yes I love land of the free but still didn’t make my list.
5.Hammerfall "Glory To The Brave". I take it over Legacy easily. It has three of my favorite HF songs, but also the only good ballad they ever wrote (the title track). They are just a terrible ballad band.
You need to hear that the remaster of glory to the brave album so much better than the original original didn’t sound good at all that’s why I love legacy of Kings more.
4.Nightwish “Wishmaster”. "Oceanborn" has better highlights, but W is truly consistent. Not one filler / throwaway here.
Those two are definitely the best nightwish.
3.Blind Guardian "Somewhere Far Beyond". A perfect album before they became too proggy for my taste.
Just never really fully got into Blind Guardian just can’t appreciate them for some reason.
2.Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys II". The blueprint. Every PM band fashioned itself after this.
Of course this is very true but for some reason I’m not fully a fan of old Helloween I don’t really know why.
1.Running Wild "Black Hand Inn". One of my favorite albums of all time. I love it to death (except for the shitty epic).
Of course it’s a very good album the only reason I love the the rivalry is because it was just the first running wild album I heard I just loved it.

That's all.

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