Re: Saturday

Date:2019-06-29 11:26:18
In Reply To:New Tunes Day(s): by Nosferatwo
Hottest day of the year so far here so how about a few hot tunes..

New tune by Degreed. Very modern. The chorus is very uplifting and better than the rest of it so I look forward to this album. The solo section also rips.

Fiction Syxx
Melodic rock project. Not too bad but a bit average. No real magic but sounds listenable and a decent sound. Maybe the average vocals will let it down overall coz the music sounds good.

Silvera - Light in Life
Not sure who this Silvera fellow is but this song is nice. Modern rock with a smoother edge not ball busting. Liking his vocals. Liking the song and the chorus is soaring. We'll see how the album turns out but I'm on the look out for sure.

Stargazer - The Sky Is The Limit
Hold on how come I don't know this band? Is this another Dio/Rainbow tribute spin off band? They sound really good lol. Great singer. Ok I went looked them up. They are Norwegian.

Axe - Land of our Fathers
I don't know this band well at all. Sort of epic 70s rock. Heep fans may enjoy it but it's way softer than Heep even.

Hollow Haze - Destinations
Sounds epic and super symphonic. Lovely flowing chorus. Look forward to this. Singer is accented but his voice is very pleasant. Music is top class.

Junkyard Drive - they Don't Really Care ABout Us
I saw this band's name as main support to Eclipse so I thought I'd check them out. This is a coverage of the MJ song. It's ok but nothing great. - one of their own tunes. It's ok but nothing really great again. I can imagine myself liking them live if they ahve good energy.

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