New Tunes Friday (feel free to add more if you have them)

Date:2019-05-24 14:27:32
Edited:2019-05-24 18:28:28
Doll Skin - Empty House

This second single is really cool again. They do a nice job of balancing the indie/riot-girl attitude with some stronger melodic hooks. I'm looking forward to the album, which sounds like it's going to be a big step up for them.

PinkFly - Happy

The singer from Fit For Rivals has a new project she describes as "all girl, LGBTQ rock". This is the first song. Not terrible, but a far cry from that "Steady Damage" FFR album. She's got a cool voice, but doesn't use it well enough.

The 69 Eyes - 27 And Done

This one's not bad, but man does the lack of energy bring it down. I know that's the point, but it's a waste of a decent tune.

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