Velvet viper

Date:2019-03-17 01:46:50
In Reply To:Re: PZ weekly chart by Pronger
Jutta Weinhold, vocalist is the force behind the band. She was founding member of German group Zed Yago, did a couple of albums in the 80’s that were well regarded among trad metal circles in Europe. Guy from Metalium came out of Velvet Viper. Lars Ratz I think. Von and Guillaume (and the missing Misfit, \m/) likely to give better background. This is off the top of my head without google. I think vadim reviewed velvet viper’s albums.

She has a professional jazz/blues background and big voice, very dramatic with vibrato. In this way she reminds me of Bruce to a degree. Could be a make or break deal.

This could be your cup of tea..., it’s one for the Priest Maiden Dio set among us, yes - us!) album from last year after very long hiatus.

Np: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Black Coffee

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