Re: Six Foot Six Project

Date:2019-03-10 20:02:41
Edited:2019-03-10 20:03:10
In Reply To:Six Foot Six Project by Pirage
Bloody hell! This is a bolt from the blue! Ex Falconer singer Kristoffer Gobel released this album with his band back in November of last year. Who knew huh?

I was actually reading a magazine article and it was for a band called Six Foot Six and then I read who was in it. He looks so different. Grew up a bit and got mean since the Falconer days lol . I actually caught Falconer live when Gobel was in the band. He was pretty good but just wasn’t accepted like Matthias Blad and soon left as Blad came back.

Anyway the songs I heard on YouTube were ok and I’m gonna try the whole thing. Funny how some guys disappear and then resurface out of the blue without any fanfare at all. Any way the world’s tallest power metal singer is back hehe!
I really enjoy this album, very solid hard rock/metal for the most part and quite catchy too.

I must be one of the onlies who loved the lone Falconer disc Gobel did. How tall is he BTW?

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