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Date:2017-09-08 11:03:25
Threshold - Legends Of The Shires

New Threshold is pretty cool all round and I find it hard to complain about any Threshold release. New (original?) singer does a fine job. The thing, personally speaking, I find about Threshold is that they tend to bore me with their longer, more proggy numbers so I tend to skip those and go for their heavier, shorter tracks. There are a few on this new one which really hit the spot, "Small Dark Lines", "Trust The Process" and "Superior Machines" really hit the headbanging radar. Dark and crunchy. The rest does not do a whole lot for me.

Numenor - Chronicles From The Realms Beyond

Its easy to slag these guys off as they are a very cheesy, black/power hybrid with quite a simplistic approach BUT they have an incredible clean vocalist who has an irrestible rich baritone which raises the music about mediocre. He also does the raspy, blackish stuff which I can live without but I will listen to them now and again, purely for the vocalist and some of the more quirky, folkish and neo-classical melodies which are enjoyable.

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