Re: The Who - WHO

Date:2019-12-12 22:33:43
In Reply To:Re: The Who - WHO by CarvinMan
How was the Max and Iggor show?
It was actually really good. The band races through the songs like their pants are on fire. I loved the songs from Arise most. Everyone is very tight though Max’s guitar riffing is one dimensional to say the least. Just chugs away on an open string at times. But the thrash was bloody strong last night.

I was thinking Max might nu-metalise some of the slower moments like Soulfly or something but no sweat it was great. He did this last year with Roots but I pretty much hate that album so gave that a wide berth. However I couldn’t miss this and consider this - Sonata Arctica were also playing last night and some friends of mine went to that and said it was far from full and Max was rammed. People are nostalgic and love the thrash classics it seems.

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