Re: Nos' Record Roundup: October

Date:2019-10-23 16:53:27
In Reply To:Nos' Record Roundup: October by Nosferatwo
Ray Alder - What The Water Wants

Hearing this, it crystallized how much I miss Ray in Redemption. I haven't listened to the album with Tom since it came out, but I've been going back to this repeatedly since I got it. Ray's voice has an emotional tone to it I love, and the songs here give me all the good stuff he did in Fates Warning and Redemption, but more focused. I wouldn't have pegged this as a big-time contender, but it is. This album rules.
One listen only so far. Liked it, didn't love it. Time will tell. So far, latest FW was much better for me, was my fave from them since a long time.
Eclipse - Paradigm

Erik's done well for himself yet again. I still prefer Nordic Union, in all honesty, but this would be my favorite Eclipse album yet. I like the slightly darker and more subdued tone on some of it. I guess I'm not a shiny, happy song type of guy. Hopefully, Erik isn't going to be pulled back into duty to pump out albums at a stupid pace again. I think having a bit more time helped him.
Really good stuff, but Bleed & Scream remains their best by far IMO. Loved the heavier edge on this one.

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky

They go back to being more song-based rock, and it makes them so much more appealing to me. I didn't like them being so metallic, and I also didn't see the point in it if Tremonti's side project exists, but this album is just right. It's a couple of songs too long, and the production could still use some brightness to it, but it's their best since "AB III", and is every bit as good as that one. Myles hasn't run out of good ideas yet, it seems.
Only 1 listen but quite enjoyed it. But I prefer their more metal albums vs the rock ones.

The Ferrymen - A New Evil

I'll keep this short; Magnus is Magnus and wrote some good (but not great) songs, and I'm dead tired of Ronnie Romero. It would be better with another singer, but still not great.
Excellent album, as was the 1st one. Stop listening to Romero if you're so tired of him. He still remains one of the very best singers to enter the hard rock/metal scene in the last few years.

Vanden Plas?
Silent Call?
JD Miller?
Danger Zone?

These are all quite good to excellent.

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