Re: Fire From The Gods - Right Now

Date:2019-09-01 05:54:28
In Reply To:Fire From The Gods - Right Now by Nosferatwo

Totally mainstream, but really solid. Sounds like Bad Wolves, but actually good.

*Edit* I saw they had another track from the album already out, so I listened to that one. Ugh. It's not good at all. So much for that.
Didn’t know these guys are releasing an album. I absolutely love about half their songs. That’s a good enough ratio to me. Is the song you thought is shitty?

If so then it’s good too for me but the first one is rocking hard. That dude has some epic melodies and refrains from excessive screaming unlike Bad Wolves guy. I don’t expect to love the whole thing but even 5-6 great songs is great.

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