Re: Turrilli/Leone Rhapsody - Zero Gravity

Date:2019-07-05 17:00:20
In Reply To:Turrilli/Leone Rhapsody - Zero Gravity by Nosferatwo

Man, does Fabio look like Weird Al these days. Actually, this song would be better if Weird Al was singing it.
It's a pretty epic song you have to admit. They've really gone to town on the orchestrations. The chorus is a bit lacking in the super catchy dept but listening it all as a piece of music the levels of intricacy is really out there. Luca just really wants to write Hollywood music probably. In the old days he used to care more about creating killer choruses but now a days he goes for this flowing wonder thing and doesn't make those succinct Helloweeny choruses anymore. I listened to the whole album this morning actually and most of the album passed me by. This is definitely going to need a lot of plays. I never used to say that about Luca in the good old

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