Date:2019-06-13 19:52:57
In Reply To:Re: Gigs in 2019 so far... by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed: makes it easy,
Yeah I know I check it all the time for set lists but haven't actually joined myself.
19.May 16, 2019: Impellitteri, Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ
Envious of you for this. Imp is my fav and never any hope to see. Only plays US and Japan.
Imp??? I mean, he's kinda short with big hands, true, but I don't know about "imp" :-D
He doesn't play the States at all; he did less than a handful dates in Cali only in the past 28 years. Japan's his bread and butter.
I had a 7AM flight to Chicago in the morning, but what was I gonna do - not see Impellitteri play 15 minutes away from my house? So I went; hells yeah. Small club. There was maybe 20 people there. I was Right in front of him, it was great. Got a private soundcheck show and some shop Q&A, too. He even played the "Rat Race" riff for me:) He wasn't completely on the money with solos, but great on rhythm, and his leads were still shredding. Rock sang' he was good, too. They seem to love 'Murica and Trump :-D Too many fucking covers, though. They were quite surprised someone actually knew their songs.

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