Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 2

Author:The Tall Dwarf
Date:2019-06-07 07:42:59
It's morning of day 3 and I'm trying desperately to be in some kind of human form. Got to bed really late and woke up early to the sound of Kiss soundchecking when the wind carried the sound our way. We had a fine sunny day yesterday too so this far the weather has been perfect. Today and tomorrow though they are predicting rain so let's hope they are wrong.

What did I get to see yesterday then?

Blaze Bayley
Blaze was as always entertaining. He isn't the best singer in the world and he is perfectly fine with that. This time he performed an Iron Maiden set. Best songs were Man on the Edge, Futureal and The Clansman. Worst song, as always, was of course The Angel and the Gambler.

Seventh Wonder
First time I saw Seventh Wonder and boy did they deliver. Crystal clear sound and a flawless performance from all the boys. Tommy is a real great singer. One of the highlights so far.

The holy metal mass drew a huge crowd and no one was disappointed. Powerwolf was as always really entertaining and they have a lot of great catchy songs to choose between for a nice setlist. It's stupid but fun when 10000 people sings Resurrection By Erection or Die-Die-Dynamite :) The only negative thing was that seeing Powerwolf in full daylight isn't quite their real element. They should've had a later slot when it was dark.

Amon Amarth
I had never seen them before and was a bit sceptical since it's not my cuppa tea normally. The music is good but the vocals... The really proved me wrong though. What a show they put on. The opened with Persuit of Vikings and ended with Twilight of the Thundergod and between that we got a little more than an hour of fantastic riffs and a lot of fire and bombs and vikings fighting on the stage. Surprise of the festival so far for me.

Tenacious D
The D drew and enormously huge crowd as expected. I saw them just to have seen them once. It was as bad as I had expected even though they have one or two pretty decent songs. Jack Black even sang some Abba for us and he is an entertainer. No one can take that away from him. I heard people say that it was the best show so far and that fine for them. For me it was fun to see them but was it good? No!

Def Leppard
I had really high hopes for Leps opening night of their summer tour. It started pretty good with Rocket, Animal, Let it Go and Foolin' but then it got boring. The band looked pretty tired and the sound was awful. The bass was tuned up WAY above everything else so if you stood far away from the stage all you could hear was the base. Why oh way do they play a song like Manimal? It is awful and they had a drum solo AND a bass solo. The stage setting was nice though but this was not very good. Sorry guys...

Time now to see what day three of this metal marathon has to offer for us.


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