Re: Last in Line live?

Date:2019-05-22 18:32:36
In Reply To:Re: Last in Line live? by Uziel
i really think the Dio thing is entirely absent at this stage (apart from the members). I really think they want to to be taken seriously as their own entity ...

... unfortunately what they really want to do is bland blues rock. I am sure live they will throw in "We Rock" and (of course) "Last In Line" ... but really. Who needs it?

Diamond Head supporting? Well, that says it all. Don't bother.
well this is the set list from their most recent gig in May. No less than 10 Dio songs. Obviously still playing more Dio songs than their own.
As for DH i wouldn't normally care too much but that new song is really good. I don't recall too much about the last album but I've seen them before but not with this new singer, so I'm intrigued.

Stand Up and Shout
(Dio cover)
Straight Through the Heart
(Dio cover)
Year of the Gun
Holy Diver
(Dio cover)
Give Up the Ghost
The Last in Line
(Dio cover)
Black Out the Sun
Evil Eyes
(Dio cover)
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
(Dio cover)
Rainbow in the Dark
(Dio cover)
Don't Talk to Strangers
(Dio cover)
Devil in Me
We Rock
(Dio cover)

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