Re: No but I found some strange people....

Date:2019-05-10 19:19:20
In Reply To:It's a quiet New Music Friday by Nosferatwo
In addition to albums coming out on Fridays, a lot of singles get saved for today two. I didn't see a lot of interesting stuff out there, though.

There was a new Gloryhammer single, which is more sci-fi/fantasy stuff I don't find very interesting. It's ok, but nothing I want to listen to.

There was also one from Pattern-Seeking Animals, the new group made up of a bunch of Spock's Beard guys, written by the guy who writes a lot of Spock's stuff anyway. It's supposed to be different, but it sounds like modern Spock's to me, but even less tuneful.

Were any other new songs released today?
German punk rockers who haven’t heard Fear Of The Dark! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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