Re: September Round Up.

Date:2017-10-01 13:19:59
In Reply To:Re: September Round Up. by Pirage
H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown
Plenty of great tunes and a couple of departures but I don't mind them. Laters naysayers!
I'm a naysayer. I don't get it. This doesn't sound anything like the band they were. Where the hell's the 'rock'? It's pretty good for a pop record that gets called rock these days, but that style sucks compared to what the band was doing before.
Bastard of Society is not rock enough for you? Shit City is not heavy grooving rock? Best of the Broken is not a grooving rock song? Blind Leads the Blind is a killer heavy rocked song IMO. I don't think you've really listened properly. there are tons of hooks on this thing and that's the thing you go on about all the time as something you need in your music. Look I'm not saying they haven't changed but there are plenty of thick guitars in the songs but the most important factor is that are the songs memorable? Answer is yes in my count. BTW the band is far removed from the classic AOR of the first two albums. Sure they wanna be rock stars since Erik Gronwall came on board. Good luck to them I say, they still ROCK but just want more people to hear them so they have to try more poppy avenues.
I'll give you that "Bastard Of Society" and "Blind Lead The Blind" are good songs that are also heavy. But you have to admit that "Redefined" and "Time On Our Side" are that watered down 'alternative' sound that is all drums and barely any guitars. Those two songs are so bad, it drags everything else down. I still don't think the rest of the songs are nearly as good as the previous album, but I can't look past the fact that those two awful numbers are not only in there, but one of them was what they used to try to sell us on the record.

In a vacuum, no, it's not a terrible record. It's pretty good, all in all, but it doesn't even sniff how fantastic "Tearing Down The Walls" was. On any level. That makes it a massive disappointment, in my eyes.

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