Re: Angel Witch

Date:2019-09-02 23:44:17
Edited:2019-09-02 23:45:14
In Reply To:Re: Angel Witch by Nosferatwo
You're both really funny and not NWOBHM fans at all as it seems... Vocals sound quite the same as on their iconic first album from 1980, hailed as a classic by many and who influenced many bands.
A lot of 'classic' records are actually mediocre, and sound like crap, but get praised to all hell because there wasn't much to compare them to at the time.
You continue to be really funny here...

Song is really good and the production is fine enough and sounds old-school
No, it sounds like ass. Old records sounded like that because they didn't know better. Putting out a lousy product today is a choice. One I'm not going to say is ok.
Some loved the old-school sound and production you should know. And some bands like to try to re-create it as well... I prefer modern and clean productions, but old-school has its charm too.

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