Re: South Haven - Sweet Suffering

Date:2019-08-30 19:25:36
In Reply To:Re: South Haven - Sweet Suffering by Pirage
You get exasperated too much over this thing dude. It's only music. I'm sure when they release an ep or album eventually you'll remember them again.
Maybe, but maybe not.

What I know is that with oceans of music out there to listen to, I'm not going to be spending my attention following a band that has two songs to their name. It's not worth my time, since that isn't even close to enough to know whether or not I actually like them. It's going to take a bit of luck being reminded they still exist whenever the release something more substantial (if they ever do).

That's a big problem with this strategy, at least as far as I see it. I don't see how I'm going to become a fan with so little to go on. Heck, there are bands with multiple albums I like, but because of one or two I don't, I question if I'm a fan even of them. Some rinky-dink with two songs isn't even worth thinking about.

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