Singers I Actually Like

Date:2019-05-01 13:21:15
Since I've been busy telling you all about singers I hate, how about I instead take a few minutes to point out singers I like/love. There's plenty of music these people have made I don't like, but their voices sound great to me. I'll break them down into some categories.

Rock/Metal Guys:

Bob Catley
Howard Jones
Joel Ekelof (from Soen)
Mikael Akerfeldt
Joakim Nilsson (from Graveyard)
Ronnie Atkins (at least in Nordic Union)
Bruce Dickinson
Urban breed
Dan Swano (in Nightingale)
Jonny Lindkvist
Jonas Renske

Rock/Metal Women:

Lzzy F'n Hale (The best singer working today, perhaps?)
Anette Olzon ("Presence Of Mind", thank you very much)
Amanda Somerville
Elin Larsson (from Blues Pills)
Maya Shining (from Forever Still)
Maggie Luyten (on her one album with Nightmare)
Jasmine Cain

Non-Rock/Metal Singers:

Dilana (My favorite of them all)
Emerson Hart (from Tonic)
Jakob Dylan (from The Wallflowers)
Kelly Clarkson
Pink (Though her new stuff is wildly disappointing)
Norah Jones (Don't like her music, but her voice is amazing)
Neal Morse

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There's plenty more (young and old) I like who I either haven't spent enough time listening to, or who haven't put out enough music yet, to say anything stronger about. These are just the ones that came immediately to mind. Dio isn't listed since he's not with us anymore, and Meat Loaf isn't listed because his voice is no longer with us.

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