I'm also 'meh' on a lot of modern rock (NYD thoughts inside):

Date:2019-04-12 18:17:57
In Reply To:I've figured out why I'm so 'meh' on power metal these days: by Nosferatwo
This afternoon I got to listen to the New Year's Day album coming out in a couple of weeks. And what was intriguing is that even though I'm 'meh' on most modern rock, this one was rather interesting.

If you've heard the singles, "Skeletons" is poppier than the album, but most of it is more in that direction than like "Shut Up". My first thought listening to the record is that is almost sounded like a very heavy rock version of dubstep. The guitars do some weird rhythmic stuff, which does keep my attention. Most of the songs have solid hooks, too.

If you remember the album last year I talked about a few times from Lola Black, this one is similar in tone, but even more modern. I actually liked it more than I thought I would. It won't challenge Yours Truly for monthly honors, but it's good.

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