Thoughts on upcoming albums (Bloodbound & A New Revenge)

Date:2019-02-27 18:21:39
Got both of these, and got a quick run through both of them.

Bloodbound: Their identity crisis continues. This time, it's a hybrid of Nightwish and Blind Guardian. With the expanded use of wind instrument sounds, it's not even trying to be coy about it. I'd say half of it is really good, and half of it is kind of boring. Even the good half is sullied by the clone aspect, at least for me. Sorry, but I can't get over them taking someone else's sound every album. They come across to me as a glorified tribute band. Pirage, you'll love this, I'm sure.

A New Revenge: Ripper doesn't suck this time! Given all the shit he's been on, this is my favorite Ripper album in a long time. It's short, to-the-point rock that has some good hooks. His voice is starting to go when he isn't shrieking, though. Unlike the other two projects this year, or a bunch of his others, this one has some promise. I'm surprised, but I like it.

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