Running Wild - First 9 albums re-released

Date:2017-09-01 20:11:00
This 9 CD re-release series from Noise Records is pretty cool. I've been listening to 3-4 of them and enjoyed the new energised sound. The first two albums are too cult and old school for me so I passed on those albums.

I started with Under Jolly Roger. The sound is thicker and fuller but still not perfect by today's standards but the rawness adds to the charm and is very enjoyable indeed. The energy and the rawness of classic 'Wild bounds out of the speakers and hits you in the face. You also get 2 re-recorded versions of certain songs from a few years later than the oriiginal album although they are supposed to sound better the difference is minimal.

Next I played Death or Glory. This is a classic Wild album for me. The melody is very catchy as always but a little more polished. There is more clarity to the songs as things had progressed further. I always loved the instrumental Highland Glory. Great song. Toertuga Bay is awesome sounding on the remaster. Much thicker and fuller sounding and to this day remains in my top 5 Wild tunes of all time. Bad To The Bone never fails to get the voice raised and the fist pumped and you get two versions of it on this re-release.

Next I listened to Port Royal. It's not an album I know well though I do have the original I think though I don't recall but it surely needed a remaster as it still sounds pretty dull and raw. Only the remaster brings out the volume to acceptable levels. However the songs are much better than I recall. The legendary Conquistadores remains one of the catchiest tunes Rock n' Rolf ever penned that's for sure. Uaschitschun another classic as well as Calico Jack, a swazhbuckling tune with a typical Wild energy.

The final album I listened to from the series was Masquerade. This is a very much underrated album from the Wild discography IMO. I think I like it even a little more than Black Hand Inn and most people love that as one of Wild's best. The Masquearde re-issue is great as expected. The album already sounded pretty good if little a shrill but it's been toughened up sound wise and everything is much sharper. I think I love most of the tunes on Masquerade though the bonus features are two versions of tracks on the album already so not a lot.

I haven't tried Blazon Stone, BHI and Pile of Skulls and no interest in the first two as I said earlier. I should try BHI I guess since it is a classic. The album I recommend most from the Noise Re-issues is definitely Death or Glory. If you're an old school bullet belt wearing maniac then you'll probably be wanting the first two raw offerings lol. I'll stick with the pirate era! Well worth investigating a couple or three of them for old times sake. Good for a bit of nostalgia anyway. BTW Rock n' Rolf is interviewed in the liner notes about each album so you get a bit of an insight into each album etc.

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